Friday, May 16, 2014

Captains log - Week 18

Last blog post ever!!!      
       This week was honestly kind of a bust. Every individual piece is ready to be printed, but together as a whole, they are not. For some reason I cannot get the sizes to match up and fit together correctly. I haven't had much time to work on it due to my life guard classes that go until 9 pm every night, but with the little time I have had to work on it, I haven't been able to fix my issue. I'm going to try and test print the corner piece again though, because I know that it's the correct size since I've already printed it before. Except this time I'm hoping it won't have any poly/normals issues. I'll probably have everything fixed by this weekend. I hope.

       The project I enjoyed the most this year is easily the one I am working on now. Because it's something that genuinely interests me, and having my own 3D printed cube would be awesome. Considering I didn't really work on all of the class projects due to the box that I was building, I can't really say what I wish we would have worked on longer. I do remember that building the face on our box model was a little rushed, so i'll just go with that.

                                      This has been a PSA,
                                                                         Captain out

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